Why the Guide was developed?

Dr. Sylvia Stultz developed the Guide as a result of her frustrations in organizing psychotherapy groups for children. It was sometimes difficult to enroll enough children in order to make a strong group, and yet there was an awareness that there were parents, in close proximity, searching for this type of service. Just as often, she needed to find a group for a single child, but knew of nowhere to to refer the family. She discovered that her colleagues were having the same experiences and thus began an exchange information about groups. Gradually, the Guide developed into its current forms which aims to help therapists cross-refer as well as provide information to other professionals. Additionally, it has become a valuable source for families seeking therapy groups.

 How to list your group in the Guide 

If you are interested in having your group(s) listed in the Guide, please see information below. You may also feel free to call or write Dr. Mary Alvord with any questions.

Mary Alvord, PhD
Alvord, Baker & Associates, LLC
3200 Tower Oaks Blvd., Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20852
301-593-6554 ext. 14

How much does it cost to be listed in the Guide?

Each year fees are determined based upon current costs. For one year, the average cost is $175.00 for existing members. New members to the list can usually join at an introductory rate of $125.00 or so. These rates fluctuate somewhat depending on the annual costs for supporting the site.

To add or change a listing in the Guide

To add or change a listing in the guide, simply contact Dr. Mary Alvord at 301-593-6554 ext 14, or email: